11 settembre 2023
ore 15:40
di Emi Dinopoulou
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A high pressure system is dominating much of western and central Europe since last week bringing an unusual heat wave with temperatures 8-12°C above normal in many regions. The countries or regions which were the most affected by the heat wave over the last few days are Spain, France, England, Germany, Sardegna and northern Italy.

In more detail, since last week temperatures reached 35-37°C in France with Paris reaching 34-35°C for 6 days, continuously, until yesterday. Another capital that was affected by is London where maximum temperature reached 30-31°C, while many cities in Germany and the Low Countries had temperature peaks that reached 31-32°C. In Italy many cities temperatures reached 33-34°C or locally higher, especially in Sardegna and in Sicilia.

The latest data from last week's observations was compared with the thirty-year average 1981-2010 and as it is noticeable, temperatures are far higher than the previous' years.

Over the next few days, as the system is shifting towards eastern Europe it will bring a temperature rise to central/northeastern Europe and the Balkans, while a low pressure system over northwestern Europe along with its cold front will bring an intense temperature drop, showers and thunderstorms locally severe.

The last few years we have been experiencing a gradual temperature rise in the temperatures of Europe and not only, which has been more intense and often long term.

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