14 marzo 2023
ore 17:50
di Emi Dinopoulou
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A longwave trough is heading gradually towards eastern Europe bringing from yesterday severe weather across, mostly, central Europe, while today is moving towards the east bringing strong showers or scattered thunderstorms across Italy and northeastern Europe. The system yesterday spread severe thunderstorms across France, Germany, eastern Spain and the Alps creating a thunderstorm line of over 1000km with nearly 200.000 lightning strikes. Many of them have evolved into supercells which produced large hail locally and tornadoes were reported in France. The system traveled southeastwards overnight and brought heavy showers across northern Italy where accumulation rates locally reached 50-60mm.

A low pressure system is currently over central Italy, spreading showers and scattered thunderstorms across central and locally over southern Italy, while tomorrow will travel southeastwards bringing heavy showers or scattered thunderstorms across southern Italy and the Balkans, turning heavy locally over Puglia, western Albania and Greece. Intense temperature drop is also expected.

As scattered showers or thunderstorms and temperature drop is expected across the eastern Europe, southwestern Mediterranean countries are expecting sunny spells and an intense, unusual, temperature rise, due to a high pressure system which is traveling towards the east. Already, from yesterday the maximum temperature is reaching 28-30°C in many cities of Spain, while in a few it was over 30°C. In more details, the maximum temperature yesterday reached 32C in Xátiva, 29°C in Alcantarilla (Murcia) and 31°C in Valencia. Monthly records were broken yesterday for the month of March with 28.6°C in Zaragoza Aeroport, 28.9°C in San Sebastian and 29.2°C in Catalogna. Also, in France yesterday 20 stations reported temperatures above 27°C, while records also were broken.

As the high pressure system is crossing Iberia and France maximum temperatures are expected to be higher, while locally we could have more temperature records. The high pressure system will continue its eastward course over the next few days bringing a temperature rise to the east at the end of the week.

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