13 maggio 2023
ore 18:32
di Emi Dinopoulou
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A low pressure system is dominating much of Europe today and over the next few days spreading winter spells across the continent. Severe thunderstorms accompanied locally by hail, strong winds and temperatures lower than normal will be the main characteristics of the next few days.

In more detail, already the system today is affecting France, the Alps, Italy and the western Balkans with severe thunderstorms accompanied by hail locally. Earlier today in Sardegna severe thunderstorms or showers brought 30-40mm across the eastern sectors of the island, while later they headed eastwards bringing 20-30mm to many coastal areas of Campania.

Tomorrow, the system will ontinue to bring unstable weather conditions to much of Europe with the most severe weather being placed over Italy, the Alps and the western Balkans especially over Croatia, central and southern parts of Italy. Temperatures will continue to be lower than normal with maximum temperatures for example reaching 13°C in Zagreb, 12°C in Ljubljana, 15°C in Budapest. Strong southerly winds are expected across the Ionian and Adriatic Sea with gusts up to 80-90 km/h.

On Monday, the low pressure system will be centered over Italy bringing severe thunderstorms and showers across Italy and the western Balkans, while there is a risk of local flooding across central and southern Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro as the accumulation rates locally will exceed the 50-70mm in Italy will it could be around 70-90mm or locally over across the western Balkans that were mentioned. Another main characteristic of the day will be the strong cyclonic winds across the central Mediterranean Sea, the Ionian and Adriatic Sea with gusts reaching or exceeding the 90-110 km/h locally (especially across Sicily and Calabria). Temperature will be lower due to the course of the system.

 Over the next few days, the low pressure system will continue affecting central and southern Europe, traveling towards the east and leaving some dry and bright spells on the west and central Europe, including also Italy.

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