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lake effect snow shower over the Great Lakes
lake effect snow shower over the Great Lakes

A fast moving cold front crossed the central-eastern US during the weekend, bringing cold weather and the first relevant snowfall for the current winter season. The low pressure system crossed the Midwest first, causing stormy and icy conditions over the Great Plains and accumulating up to 7-10 cm of snow over North Dakota and Minnesota. The front is now moving across the Great Lakes area, where abundant lake-effect snow is expected to fall on the leeward shores of all five major lakes. The well-above average water temperature will contribute to heavier precipitation, feeding more moisture and energy into the system.

The heaviest accumulations (up to 10-15cm) are expected to fall today, Monday, on the eastern shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, among the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and upstate New York. Also some notable cities such as Cleveland, OH and  Buffalo, NY will see relevant amounts of snow.

Following this cold outbreak temperatures in the region will soar again, 

reaching 15 to 18 °C

 (mid-60s °F), before dropping once more towards the end of the week, with highs expected to stay 

below 5-7°C 

(mid-40s °F).Below is an impressive example of a

lake effect snowstorm

rolling over Cleveland, OH on a different occasion.

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