24 novembre 2022
ore 15:42
di Emi Dinopoulou
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A low pressure system will be created on Friday morning across the Tyrannian Sea and it will head southeastwards, due to a strong western upper level flow, bringing unstable weather over the next few days to Italy, mostly to Sardinia, central and southern Italy, while northern Italy will not be affected much, only some snow is expected over the Alps. The cold air that will flow over the warm Mediterranean Sea will be able to create severe weather, mostly for Sardinia and southern Italy where violent thunderstorms are expected.

In more detail, the low pressure system will bring rain, showers and locally heavy thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday to Sardinia where across the northern areas the accumulation rate could reach even 60-80mm (24h), while from Sunday weather improvement is expected to the island.

On Friday and Saturday, locally also on Sunday, unstable weather conditions are expected also across central Italy as the low pressure will head further to the east bringing rain and scattered showers which will be more intense on Saturday.

From Friday night until Monday afternoon southern Italy will be affected by the low pressure system and as it approaches on Saturday Sicily the heaviest and more intense weather will take place between Saturday and Sunday with accumulation rates reaching in general between 50-70mm. The areas that will have the highest accumulation rates will be northwestern Campania, eastern Calabria, southern Basilicata where the rates could reach or even exceed 80-100mm (24h), where local floods are possible.

Temperature drop is also expected from Saturday to Monday with maximum temperatures reaching 13-15°C or less in the northern regions, while snow will fall over the mountains.

The low pressure system as it will head southeastwards will bring rain, showers and scatterd thunderstorms, localy intense, also to Tunisia, northen Libya and Greece.

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