27 febbraio 2024
ore 15:10
di Emi Dinopoulou
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Flooding in Demak and Grobogan regencies of Central Java, 500 km from Indonesia's capital Jakarta, has displaced nearly 11.500 people, including more than 1.000 children, forcing schools to close. The severe weather took place between 23-25/02, bringing torrential rain, strong winds and tornadoes causing destruction in many properties while many people were injured, while others lost their lives. A powerful tornado struck Indonesia slamming buildings with one of the strongest wind gusts recorded, leaving at least 33 injured. The heavy rain and the overflow of the Belah River caused flooding in Bandar Lampung City and South Lampung Regency, while a landslide in Bonglo Village, Luwu, claimed the lives of four people.

Flooding had been hitting Indonesia for days, particularly the central-south of the island of Sumatra and the central-western area of the island of Java. Between Saturday and Sunday, a severe weather system hit with torrential rain that submerged the city of Bandar Lampung. In some areas of the city, the water level rose up to 1.5 meters, flooding the ground floors and basements. In the province of Riau, 130,000 residents have been affected, with over 30.000 homes suffering serious damage. Thousands of people have been evacuated in February alone due to sudden floods. The Wulan River, flowing on the island of Sumatra, breached its banks in multiple locations, flooding 4.000 houses and isolating the districts of Demak and Kudus due to the main road being interrupted. Additionally, several blackouts have been reported caused by lightning strikes during storms, damaging power substations and leaving many residents of Bandar Lampung in darkness.

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