15 settembre 2023
ore 16:21
di Emi Dinopoulou
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After the devastation that storm Daniel brought to the eastern Mediterranean countries especially in Libya, Greece and Turkey a new severe weather system western of Iberia will bring torrential rain, severe thunderstorms, strong damaging winds and a potential flooding in Portugal and western Spain.

In more detail, a low pressure system over the eastern Atlantic, west of Spain and France has started to be organized and will be more powerful over the next few hours. The weather system is charging with arctic air masses from Greenland in the upper atmosphere and warm moist currents from northern Africa, resulting in making it deeper, bringing violent unstable weather in Portugal and western Spain.

On the weekend, as the system will move slightly southeastwards, severe weather is expected in Iberia which will bring torrential rain, scattered showers and thunderstorms which could cause flash flooding, especially between Portugal and northwestern Spain where the weather phenomena will be more intense. Strong winds are also expected with gusts reaching 100-110 km/h across the western regions. The wind could be dangerous, causing even destruction and coastal flooding as the wave height could reach even 4-5m in the sea between Porto and Lisbon. Weather improvement in Iberia is expected from Monday as the system will move northeastwards.

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