25 marzo 2024
ore 17:56
di Emi Dinopoulou
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A deep and wide low pressure system with pressure around 950 mbar and a center over Ireland will bring unstable weather conditions for the Easter days across much of western and northern Europe, while a reinforcement of a high pressure system across the central-eastern Europe will bring stable weather with sunny spell in much of easten-southeastern Europe.

Unstable in the West and Scandinavia: Outbursts of rain, scattered showers, local thunderstorms in Spain and France, snow over the mountains of Scotland and France and locally over Scandinavia and the Alps, temperatures below normal for the period and strong winds are expected in the western and northern side of Europe. In the center of the unstable weather will be the UK, Ireland, Iberia, France and the Low Countries with cloudy and wetter days, while wind will be strong until Friday with gusts up to 110-130 km/h in the northwestern coast of Iberia and western France, in Ireland, in the UK and across the English Channel. Waves will be up to 8-10m across the Bay of Biscay and Celtic Sea, while up to 5-7m in the English Channel.

Mostly stable with sunny spells in the East/Southeast: After a few scattered showers between Tuesday and Thursday in southern Italy and the Balkans, a high pressure system will dominate, bringing mostly stable weather with sunny spells from Good Friday until Easter Monday. Temperatures are expected to rise with maximum reaching 28-30°C locally in the Balkans.

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