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Snow in Australia
Snow in Australia

Meteorological summer is about to begin in the southern hemisphere, but in the last days Australia had to put up with late wintery weather, in on of the strongest cold spells ever recorded in the month of November. A vast low pressure system, filled with cold Antarctic air, sweeped the south-eastern part of the country, bringing abnormally low temperatures (locally up to 15-18°C below average) and threatening cold records for the month. Widespread snowfall was also reported in the mountains of Tasmania, New South Wales and Southern Australia. The Tasmanian capital, Hobart, recorded a low of 2.9°C, the lowest since 1953, whereas the nearby mountain station of Kunanyi/Mt. Wellington dropped to -5.8°C, the third lowest value ever for this location. 

Below is a video of the late season snowfalls that blanketed the area around Hobart, Tasmania in the last few days.

Bigger cities like Melbourne weren't spared by the late cold spell: high temperatures in the city didn't reach 15.5°C for four days in a row, an occurrence never recorded in the last 167 years in November.

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